Monday, March 05, 2007

Queensburgh (180 #32)

Well another one warming up for trials and did i hit one in trials - nope... oh well thats the way it goes :)

Home practise (180 # 30&31)

2 180's thrown - 3rd March .... Practising for Trails Tomorrow

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Home Practise (180 #29)

I changed back to the normal dartboard todayand hit my 29th 180 this year yay !!..
I think just missing so many 180's on that practise board started to anoy me. Anyway I will change back to the practise board again tomorrow, because i really think it helps one focus better on the target.

Jan de Lange Team Cup Game (180 #28) Tuesday 20 Feb

Well our cup games have begun and not a great start for us with Shaun not being able to play due to his injury.. anyway thanks to Mike for filling in for us.

Savages 2 took us out in the first round I managed to hit a 180 the first one of the season in the first leg however we did not close that leg then we lost the second. Savages 2 made it through only to loose to Savages 1 in the final.
Oh well i think i only got to throw about 9 times on the night and i hit a 180. Drawn Doubles this week i am looking forward to that.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Home practise (180 #27)

ABOVE : home practise another 180.

I borrowed Shaun's practise board since he is injured and will be off his feet for a while and i have been practising with that mostly this weekend.

ABOVE : the practise board
The practise boards trips and doubles are a third of the size of the normal board and i have missed numerous 180 chances on this board... boy oh boy i'm sure this board has to help one really has to focus. Hopefully when i put the normal board back on everything will look big and easy.
ABOVE : boards compared

a near miss on practise board

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

To All The Ladies !!

Team Practise Match Fields Hill Bulldogs vs Young & Old (180 #26)

Well we had our first team practise match again'st Young and old Team unfortunately Shaun had injured his foot and is still to have an operation on it, he was there but did not play. We had a social player- Mike to fill in for us. Vincent Mike and myself each hit a 180. Vincent and myself both brought in maximum points in doubles and singles, however we lost the single team game.

My last match of the night was a humdinger George played well n the second leg to pulback one a piece (7 tons wer hit in that leg George's 4 to my 3). In the third and final leg i was trailing and George was left on 56 and i was still on 125 turn in hand.. I had to go for the green bull first and that i did.... I hit the red bull, so had to continue on the bulls. i then hit a green bull and red bull.. GAME SET MATCH..

Anyway not often do i close on 125 so thought i would take a quick Photo.

All in all we took the match 14 points to 7 and it was a great nights practise.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Home Practise (180 23,24 &25)

3 180's today a pretty good practise session.

Home Practise (180 # 22)

Yesterday 22nd 180 not making any excuses but hell it was hot and trying to practise in an oven of a room was not so lekker.Today is much cooler thank God so i will put in alot of practise today that is for sure!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Great dart quotes ..

The two I enjoyed were :

1./ William Tell could take an apple off your head, Taylor could take out a processed pea.Tribute to 'The Power'.

2./ Darts really can help with literacy.BBC presenter Ray Stubbs to Sports Minister Richard Caborn. That'll be numeracy, Ray.

Great Dart Quotes can be found here: